Romanian Teachers affiliated at FSLE protesting against Govern bad working conditions and salary cuts proposed by Govern.
Hundreds of teachers affiliated to the Free Trade Union Federation in Education (FSLE) protested Monday, 04/18/2016, in front of Govern building, dissatisfied with low salaries and bad working conditions in education system. The teachers are no longer motivates either they or the students.

"We came here to protest against the Pay Law for Public Sector, mainly because education is not a priority for this government. We are very angry! This Government intention is to pay a wage of 13,000 lei (2.900 Euro) to a member of Parliament and 1300 lei (292 Euro) for a beginner teacher, when we know very clearly that quality in education decreased in the last years precisely because the lack of qualified staff and resources. This low salary does not motivate young people to enter the system.” declared Simion Hancescu, FSLE president.

Every year the working conditions are worst because the lack of resources and the stress and pressure on the teachers and administrative staff is higher, mostly because the high number of children in a class (an average of 36 children, instead of 25 as the Education Law request).

Last week, FSLE request to dismiss the current government and to withdraw proposed law on wages in the budgetary system that has not been discussed with the unions. After our protests the labor minister has resigned and proposed law was withdrawn. New negotiations will begin next week, but protests will continue until problems will be solved.