January 1990 - new unions are established in schools, in all over the country.

February 1990 - Free Trade Union Federation in Education obtain legal status.

March 1990 – at the first National Conference meeting, is voted the status and are elected the members of Leaders National College and Operational Committe.

In the year of establishment, Free Trade Union Federation in Education had 9 unions members, meaning 14.000 employees in education.

1991 - the first public demonstration in education is held, resulting in a 70% wage increase.

1993 - FSLI became the founding member of Education International.

1996 - FSLI became a member of CSDR.

1998 - the biggest general strike of the Romanian education

2004 - the law initiative for directing 6% of GDP to education has been forwarded to the Romanian Parliament.

Nowadays, Free Trade Union Federation in Education is the largest federation in Romania, with 200.000 members.